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Founder | Caribbean Scholar

Jovan Medford

It's a pleasure to have you here on the platform! By trade, I'm a web developer and CXL certified digital analyst. My formal education is in Mathematical Finance and Statistics from uWaterloo. So however you spin it, numbers are heavy in my life and I hope to share some of that love with you.
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What's Inside?

Here's what we've included for you:

  • Video explanations of key topics such as Venn diagrams.

  • Readily prepared course notes to help you go over what you've learnt.

  • Quizzes, practice questions and a final exam for you to test how you are coming along.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • What Will We Learn?

  • 2


    • Fundamentals

    • Note: Fundamentals

    • Section Quiz

  • 3


    • Symbols

    • Symbols - Cheatsheet

    • Number of Elements in The Union

    • Pop Quiz: Number of Elements in the Union

    • Note: Number of Elements in The Union

    • Section Quiz

  • 4

    Venn Diagrams

    • Venn Diagrams

    • Note: Venn Diagrams

    • Worksheet: Venn Diagrams

  • 5

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam